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We understand that most of the people who approach us for the first time have had no personal experience of the Family Law system. They are concerned about their future and the ramifications of a relationship breakdown. They often have concerns as to their entitlements and whether there is anything they need to do straight away to protect their own interests. Where children are involved, clients are usually anxious to know how they can manage their relationship breakdown so as to minimise any negative impact on their children.

Each of our client’s circumstances are unique. Some clients have not yet separated from their spouse while others have already reached substantial agreement with their former partner regarding their children and finances. We are able to give you tailored advice on all aspects of your family law situation. We can provide advice on resolving disputes with your former partner where necessary. If you have already reached an agreement with your former spouse, we can provide advice in relation to that agreement so you can be confident you understand your rights and obligations.

Some of our new clients have a thorough understanding of their financial position but in many cases it is the other party who has knowledge of the parties’ finances. We are able to provide useful, informative advice regardless of the extent of your knowledge of your finances. We can also advise you as to how any missing information can be obtained.

By the end of the consultation, our aims are that:

  • You will understand your legal position, including your entitlements under a property settlement;
  • You will know what steps, if any, you may need to take immediately;
  • You will have an understanding of the legal processes; and
  • You will have an understanding of the costs involved if you retain our services.

At Sharon Payne Family Lawyers we provide a no obligation, initial consultation for a flat fee.

Sharon Payne welcomes all inquiries regardless of your location in Sydney. Our offices are located in Castle Hill and Gordon.

Covid-19 Announcement

We provide hand sanitizers and practice social distancing in our office. However we also offer video conferencing as an alternative to face to face meetings and consultations. Please let our staff know your preference.

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